A Rough Week

Last week was exhausting.
Audrey was feeling better, but Tony's grandfather went into the hospital. He was 93 years old, so he lived a long and full life. He passed away on Thursday and we had the wake and funeral Sunday and Monday. We will miss you,  Boots!
The past few years have been rough for us, especially this year. We have lost way too many people this year. I know that my mind was wondering at the funeral. We were in the same church just 6 short weeks before to bury our friend. 
I kept thinking about how much we missed him. How much we had missed him in those few months before he died.
Bret was an amazing musician and friend. Unfortunately we had to cut him out of our lives. Tony and I do not do drugs and do not like to be around people that do. When we found out that Bret was using again, he was kicked out of the band and we did not hear from him much.
He went to rehab and Tony was trying to get over how many times he had hurt him. They were talking again. Bret had missed the two, most important moments of our lives: our wedding; Audrey's birth. He was using when we got married so we had broken off contact. Unfortunately, he had not come to see Audrey after he was finished with rehab.
With all of his flaws, we still loved him. I know Tony misses him more than ever. I wish that Audrey could have met her uncle Bret.
RIP Grandpa Boots

RIP Uncle Bret

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  1. Christine Says:

    I'm so sorry about Boots! It's always great to hear of people living such long and wonderful lives though. Hopefully that makes it a bit easier.

    I remember the night you posted about your friend on the bump. Still so sad. I learned of a friend that od'd months after (I hadn't seen her in a couple years) but it was just so sad to hear. I'm so glad you and your husband have eachother in these times.

    Hugs to you in your sad time.

    P.S. I'm mrsbird1129 from the bump, a couple months behind you but just moved over to 6-12.

    I love you little one! So cute. :)

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