A Rough Week

Last week was exhausting.
Audrey was feeling better, but Tony's grandfather went into the hospital. He was 93 years old, so he lived a long and full life. He passed away on Thursday and we had the wake and funeral Sunday and Monday. We will miss you,  Boots!
The past few years have been rough for us, especially this year. We have lost way too many people this year. I know that my mind was wondering at the funeral. We were in the same church just 6 short weeks before to bury our friend. 
I kept thinking about how much we missed him. How much we had missed him in those few months before he died.
Bret was an amazing musician and friend. Unfortunately we had to cut him out of our lives. Tony and I do not do drugs and do not like to be around people that do. When we found out that Bret was using again, he was kicked out of the band and we did not hear from him much.
He went to rehab and Tony was trying to get over how many times he had hurt him. They were talking again. Bret had missed the two, most important moments of our lives: our wedding; Audrey's birth. He was using when we got married so we had broken off contact. Unfortunately, he had not come to see Audrey after he was finished with rehab.
With all of his flaws, we still loved him. I know Tony misses him more than ever. I wish that Audrey could have met her uncle Bret.
RIP Grandpa Boots

RIP Uncle Bret

She is 7 months old

I seriously cannot believe that she is 7 months old.  She is a little person now. She is really trying to crawl, but she cannot figure it out.
I keep thinking back to when she was first born. It feels like it was just yesterday that I first held her, but it feels like we have had her forever. I cannot believe my tiny little baby is such a big girl.
I love having a super chubby baby, my back does not agree. I have found one thing that bothers me about having a big girl, not the comments people make about her being a fat baby: she cannot fit in "baby" clothes. Aud is in 18-24 month clothing. Most summer baby girl clothes are super cute, but the little rompers and outfits like that only go up to 12 months. I found some little sunsuits, which are adorable, but I love the rompers. 
I got this super cute sunsuits at Costco for $5.99. STEAL!

She likes broccoli

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Audrey was not so interested in baby food. I was inspired by Chrysallys's blog.
We decided to try some steamed broccoli and it went wonderfully. Although she doesn't have any teeth she was able to mash it around.  
I was a nervous wreck the entire time, but she did great. 
I am not sure what we will be trying next. I hope it goes as well as the broccoli. I guess we will figure that one out later.


So she is now 6 months and I have not updated this since she was 1 week old! I suppose I should catch up!
Audrey has really grown and changed in the past 6 months (almost 7 as Tony likes to remind me). She is trying to crawl, she really only has the backward scoot down. She can pull herself up in her crib, which she thinks is hilarious.

1 month 10lbs 6oz 22in
2 months 14lbs 7oz 23in
3 months 17lbs 8oz 24in

4 months 18lbs 10oz 25in
5 months 20lbs 5oz 25 1/2in

6 months 21lbs 4oz 26in

1 week old!

Audrey was 1 week old on Wednesday!

This week we went out for our first outing. We went to visit everyone at work and to show her off. This was a little too much for me. I paid for it later.
Here is the cutest picture, as of right now.

Please Welcome Miss Audrey Tess!

Audrey Tess was born on August 5th at 7:40pm. She weighed 8lbs 14oz and was 20 in.

My water broke around 3:30pm on August 4th, but it was just a leak. I called the on-call midwife and she told me to call her again when my contractions were 3-5 mins apart and lasting for more than 1min. Finally around 11pm my contractions were consistent. I gave her a call and she told me to go down to the hospital and she would meet us there.
They took me up to Labor & Delivery and checked me into Rm 707. Luckily we had a VERY funny night nurse names Susie. She was hilarious, which was good because both Tony and I were anxious. When Bernie, the on-call midwife, got there she checked me and guess what?! I was still only 1cm and 50% effaced! She did a test to see if it was my water that had broke, but it took an hour to get the results. Once they confirmed that it was my water that broke they asked if I wanted a sleeping pill because it was going to be a long night. Thankful I took it and I got some rest.
We had requested a doula originally, but they we thought we might not want one. Luckily Tony and I forgot to mention that and they had one of the volunteers come out. Her name was Margaret and she had already been a doula for 27 other births. She was very helpful, especially since this was our first child.
They had to start me on Pitocin in the morning because there still was no progress. I had some breakfast before they started my IV, bad idea. The pitocin made me horribly nauseus and I began throwing up. I threw up EVERYTHING, water, bile, possibly a kitchen sink. They gave me some anti-nausea meds but they didn't work. They gave me some pain meds to deal with everything, but it was really awful because I was having a ton of contractions that "didn't count". Basically I was having REALLY LONG LABOR! They increased the pitocin which of course made me sicker. They tried another anti-nausea med and that also didn't work. The contractions were getting much more intense. For some reason I had the urge to go to the bathroom, but I could not go. I must have gotten out of bed 1,000 times for nothing!
My midwife asked if I would like some more pain meds or I could try an epidural. At this point I was still only 3 or 4cm but I was about 80 to 90% effaced. I asked if I wanted an epidural later on it that would be possible and she said that it would. I decided to try to stick it out as long as I could. At that point they had me try the tub in my room. I am so thankful I did b/c I was only in there for about 45 mins and it really helped. I got out because I was feeling really sick but then I had a new feeling. I had a ton of pressure in my butt. I told them it felt like I had to push, but they said it was way too early for that. They had me on the birthing ball on all fours to relive some of the pressure. This is when it got really hard to stay calm. I kept telling them I really needed to push and everyone said it just wasn't time. I told them to get my midwife in to check me because I knew I was ready. My midwife, Cheryl, told me she would check me but she didn't think it would be anything new. I was 9cms and 100% effaced. I had dilated that much from the time I got in the tub. They told me it would probably be another 10-15mins which I did not want to hear. They started getting everything ready for me to push. I was so exhausted at this point and all I wanted to do was push. Tony was so wonderful. He kept me so calm, even when I thought I was going to scream.
Once everything was ready to go they told me I could start pushing. At first it was hard to get the hang of what exactly they wanted me to do. I would push while Tony was counting and then feel like all that work was for nothing. They had me change positions multiple times. They would ask if I wanted to try this position and I told them I would try anything.
Finally, they saw her head. At this point I had got the hang of how to push and be the most efficent. When they told me they could see hair I got a huge burst of energy. Once her head was right there Cheryl asked if I wanted to touch her head, which I always said I would never do. Of course I wanted to! I tried to reach down, but I was so exhausted I totally failed. Cheryl got us all laughing because I couldn't reach. She said, "Help her out! She has tiny little aligator arms." We were all laughing at that point, which was actually really great.
I pushed for a total of 1hr and 15mins. It really flew by though. Before Audrey had completely crowned Cheryl warned me that big babies can get their shoulders stuck on the way out. She brought in one of the OBs just for back up. They had 2 different methods they would try but luckily we didn't need any. They got her out and Tony cut the cord. Luckily we were able to donate the cord blood and placenta.
When she first came out she wasn't making any noise. I was crying and my legs were shaking because I was so happy, but everyone thought I was worried. I knew she was okay for some reason. They took her over and started cleaning her off. They gave her some oxygen and finally got her breathing. On her way out she had pooed so they were checking her breathing to make sure everything was okay. They finally handed her to me and she pooed! All the nurses were laughing because they have never seen that before. Luckily Tony got a picture of it!
We decided that she would have been over 9lbs if she had not gone to the bathroom those 2 times.

She was perfect in every way. Since my water had been broken for more than 24hrs they were a little concerned, but the only problem was her sugar was low. They gave her some sugar water and then 2 bottles of formula. I was worried that it might be a problem since I was planning on breastfeeding. It was not a problem at all.
Tony and I could not be more in love. She is now 4days old, but it feels like we have known her forever.

Yep, I'm still pregnant

We had our 2nd appointment since going over my due date. The NST was fine. There is only a little change since last Friday. I am still only 1cm, but now I am 50% effaced and her head is really far down. At first I was a little disappointed that I am not dilated any farther, but once she said she was really happy with her positioning that eased my mind.
I think I have reached the point of just wanting her to get here. I think I am just ready to meet her and I know she has cooked long enough. I am still okay, I am not super uncomfortable.
Our next appointment will be Wednesday so keep your fingers crossed that something will happen.